Navacerrada – La Granja one more time

Hi folks, here I am again doing once again the nice and smooth downhill from Puerto de Navacerrada ending in La Granja. Rather than a just bike day, this has been a bike-nature-welleating-touristic day arround Segovia, earth of Castilla.

The Killer was here!, my der friend from Eire, as his nickname says, watch out, he can kill you by just looking at you…

As the last time, and the las post as well, we drove up to Puerto de Navacerrada (1900m) border between Madrid and Segovia. The drive is a nice, nice one, driving thru pines forest all the time and crossing streams. Once we get there, we get ready, put the helmets on, tune the bike and we went thru Puerto de Cotos and tlhen to La Granja de San Ildefonso, old Spanish Royal Place.

The downhill is one of the nicest things you can do arround, it goes thru Valsain pine forest which is an old, old forest,  huge pines, loads of streams, amazing hotspots of neverendings pines hills, in other words, a paradise at just 50 km away from Madrid. Killer did very well!! he could manage the whole dowhill on the bike with no falls!! waring this pair of sandals that I would never think about wearing for a such a downhill!!! crazy Irish, hehehe . We really enjoy stopping to take a sit to enjoy the scenario. We keep going and after a couple of very steep uphills, we namaged to get a point where we just had to go downhill, and that´s what we did. The killer started to like hilself and go faster as the path got better. In the end, we made it to La Granja de San Ildenfonso.

We went to my friend´s house Kike. We drove to the top of the mountain, we got the car and went down again to get the bikes.

As one thing that one must do in La Granja, we had lunch, we had the typical “hube beans” from La Granja, lamb and pork, all delicius. We really enjoyed, but we had our stomacs pretty full and there were over 40 degrees ouside…. fucking hell!!

We then went to Segovia, amazing city a few kilometres away. Segovia has an amazing Roman Acueduct, an incredible Casttle and gothic Cathedral, plus the city itself that is amazing as well. So we spent the evening there walking arround.

We made our way back to Madrid before down and a very deserved rest.

We really enjoy this day full of different experiences, nature, food, heritage and good company.

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2 respuestas a Navacerrada – La Granja one more time

  1. Johne214 dijo:

    I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! dbgfdegdfbdd

    • Nacho dijo:

      Hey John, happy you liked it and that it helped you to discover such a beautiful place, full of different experiences to live!
      Enjoy!! and thanks for you post!


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